5 reasons why you should learn a foreign language in 2019


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Most of the time a person will learn a new language because they made a new year's resolution to do so. Then there are other people who want to learn for more economical or business-related reasons, such as:

Reason 1: You love the culture and plan to travel

A lot of people like to learn a second or third language because they travel to specific destinations a few times a year and just want to speak to the locals in the area. Even if you were to study the language for a few months you’d be well equipped to hold a small conversation with anyone in the area you travel to.

Reason 2: You want your resume to look better

When you’re writing up a resume you will now be able to add in the specific languages you know. This will show your potential employers that you’ve taken the time to learn a second or third language even though it may never help you in the business world. Employers like this because you did something educational that you didn’t have to and it will also help because your possible employer will know you could talk to clients or customers that may speak the languages you know.

Reason 3: Your dream job requires it

Some people like learning specific languages because they want to expand their minds while others do it for a dream job they’ve had their eye on. Yes, some jobs require you to be multilingual and this means the number of slots for these positions is pretty small. By knowing the specific languages necessary for these positions you will get your application and resume pushed to the top of the pile and likely get a call back for the job over the people who only know a single language.

Reason 4: You break down language barriers

Even if you’re not learning a language for business purposes, you will be able to break down language barriers when out and about doing your day to day tasks. How many people have you seen at a Mexican restaurant speaking Spanish when they order? The waiter/waitress that learned Spanish as their first language will likely be able to take your order much easier, which will create a bond between the two of you, and it’s all because you took the time to learn a second language that you really didn’t have to.

Reason 5: You’ll increase brain activity

One of the most beneficial things that come from learning a second language in 2020 is your brain will become more active. When your brain becomes more active you will notice it’s easier to remember things and you will feel more fulfilled at the end of each day. Learning something new, other than the second language you’re studying, will seem to stick within your memory all because you’ve been keeping your brain active.

Author: Alphonse Daudet M.

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