Christopher Ogbebor

There are two words that constitute the topic I am writing on; the first is build, while the second is capacity. We will consider the meaning of these words independently, and then jointly. What does it mean to build? It means to make,to assemble to put together, to organize with the purpose of achieving a set goal. It therefore means that building is deliberate effort. Now, when you consider that it is not just 'build', but building, it goes further to show that this is meant to be an continuous activity. Let us look at the meaning of capacity. One word that comes to readily to me is: ability. Ability to deliver. Hence 'building capacity' is about acquiring ability to deliver. 

From time to time, responsibilities will come. These responsibilities places varying demands on our ability. And you know what?The amazing thing about responsibilities is that sometimes you don't get a prior notice. In fact, I realized not too long ago, that responsibility is actually two words merged into one. Responsibility 'response' to an 'ability'. It is responding to an ability that is present or not. Thus, if capacity had not been built,the response to such demand will either be positive or negative, full or shallow. Hence, capacity building is sine qua non.

How do we build capacity? It first begins with a desire; an hunger to be better than what I presently possess. This desire needs to be coupled with a detailed outline of areas where capacity is to be built. Recognizing such areas opens us to peculiar resources in such domains. These resources includes human, textual, media and several other resources. A timetable needs to be setup which should be meticulously adheres to. Also, a system of evaluation needs to be emplaced to measure.performance. To get true performance, you could subscribe to the services of external evaluators. After all, you cannot be a judge in your case.

Make a lifelong commitment to capacity building and see yourself grow in leaps and bounds.

Author: Chris O.

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