Essence Of Different Teaching methods


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Teaching has been something I love so much and enjoyed although it is stigmatized to be profession for those destined to be poor but nonetheless I was encouraged more in going into the profession by a teacher who had positive impact in my life, that is Mr.  Olowoniyi Adedamola ACA.


He taught me Accounting at the o'level stage after I left secondary school at a tutorial center and I was so serious with it because of how he taught us to the extent that I was teaching those preparing for IJMB that time.


I got into teaching and I got to know the lecturing method is the usually recognized traditional method of teaching where the teacher just keep talking to the students likes a dull and some don't even face the students but the board. I was a victim of it all while in secondary school too.


Hence, I was glued with same method because that was the norm for almost 6 years I have been teaching which includes before I gained admission, while in undergraduate and after first degree but in the school I had my last employment when I spent first term I discovered the performance was so poor because out of 16 students only two had A, like three had B, like like five had C and there are E and F  and I have to do something different because it will all bounce on me then I remembered there are more teaching methods other than the lecture method so I had a rethink.


Then I decided to use combination of lecture, group discussion, and project method. It worked like magic because the only student that had F has always been off schools and she eventually left after that term but I couldn't know what there results were by third term so I could see the improvement because I had to leave for my other program but from the comments I got from the students they all did well and can never forget how I shook them up.


It wasn't easy at first for them because they aren't used to such rugged learning but it pay off by the end. So to all teachers, we may try to reshuffle the teaching methods we use for our various teaching because One can't saturate what we intent to pass across and to the students endure the learning process. Might seems difficult but it will all worth it.


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Author: Daniel Olutola O.

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