Big brain does not indicate better intellect


Big brain does not indicate better intellect
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The scientists concluded that big brain does not mean better intellect. The scientists have been trying to find connection between the size of the brain and intellectual skills. They mistakenly supposed that “the more the better”, i.e. bigger brain corresponds to higher intellect.

To make mistakes is part of our normal behaviour, and scientists are no exception. 88 trials with 8,000 participants have shown that human brain is not affected by the size of the brain, but by its structure. IQ tests, albeit not perfect, are considered the best method to measure a person's ability to understand rationally the world, as well as thinking, logic, and memory. Therefore, IQ tests are useful to researchers when it comes to measuring the human mind. Researchers from Austria, the Netherlands and Germany compared the results of participants' tests with their brain volumes. 

Big brain does not indicate better intellect

The results of the experiments confirmed previous assumption that the size of the brain has a small effect on mental ability in comparison with the influence of the brain structure on the mind. Another argument is that in the animal world, the ratio of the human brain size to the body is not the largest one. Some small birds are the champions in it.

The connection between brain volume and higher IQ is overestimated in published and unpublished scientific papers. An additional proof of the larger brain size mismatch with IQ’s better results is that the male brain is usually larger.  However, there is no striking difference between sexes, when it comes to tests for measuring the coefficient of intelligence.

Scientists investigated Einstein’s brain to prove it. It turned out that the brain of the genius has no differences from the brain of a usual person. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the size of your head. Its content is more important.

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