Free distance education tools and services


Free distance education tools and services
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Distance teaching or online tutoring is the only way out in unforeseen situations such as long-term quarantine in educational institutions. In addition, being prepared for online teaching is beneficial for tutors, because the demand for distance learning is constantly growing. Online tutors have more opportunities for finding students and a more flexible schedule

To start teaching online you need the following:

  • A list of resources and applications with which you can fully reproduce the online learning process.
  • A clearly defined work plans and anticipate possible difficulties.
  • To pay more attention to creativity and interactivity to hold the student's attention.
  • To know how to find students for online tutoring

We have reviewed webinars, articles, comparative materials, and many comments in the Facebook and collected for you a list of the most popular online services for distance learning, as well as tips on organizing online classes.



If you are trying online teaching for the first time, start by checking your workplace:

  • You need a stable and sufficient powerful Internet connection;
  • It is very important to have a clear sound. Therefore, be sure to check how the microphone and sound works on the computer. It is better to also have a headset check proper functioning of camera;

In order to conduct classes, you need a platform through which you will communicate with the student. The most famous service for video and audio communications is Skype, but we have prepared a list of alternatives with short characteristics.


Google Hangouts

A free platform known to regular users of Google services. In order to use it, the teacher and students must register a Google account. You can make conferences for a large number of people, there is an internal chat for communication, as well as screen share mode - you can broadcast your computer screen to all participants. The best browser to use for this service is Chrome. The service is free and fairly easy to use. 

Service Link:


A video conferencing service that is popular in business. Registration is required.

The service has a free plan, according to which one-on-one unlimited connection can be made. If the conference connects more than two people (and up to 100 people), then free communication will last 40 minutes, after which the conference will disconnect.

The service has a nice interface, it is not complicated. You can chat, broadcast your screen, and also use the "whiteboard" function, which is actually a replacement for the conventional classroom board. 

Service Link:


Free Conference Call

The service has tips at every step. The site recommends using the service through the Chrome browser or downloading the desktop version according to the instructions. In our opinion, this service is one of the most convenient. 

For use, only the teacher who creates the conference has a registration. You can send an invitation link to the students. Via the link, you can join the conference after entering the mail and name, no registration is needed.

The service has an intuitive interface, voice support that explains each function.

During the conference you can chat, show a screen or separate programs from your computer, and also work in a question and answer mode. 

Detailed usage instructions:


There are platforms that allow you to organize a full-fledged educational process with a group. They allow you to post training materials, homework and provide feedback, as well as conduct lessons online.


Google classroom 

The most famous among educators is a free platform. Simple interface, convenient tools for creating tasks and feedback.

Service Link:



With the resources at hand for communication and homework, you can make a list of platforms that will help you do tests, visualize information or activate the attention of even the smallest number of students. 


The platform combines the ability to conduct testing online and at the same time analyze student's performance and activity. The service has both individual tasks and group tasks. After registration, you get access to a library of ready-made questions, and you can also create your own. A nice bonus that we saw is the ability to import questions from the VNO library of different years.

Link to the service:

A database of ready-made interactive tasks for various subjects and for various levels, as well as a wonderful designer for creating your own tasks and tests. To create authoring tests, you need a little time and imagination, but in general it is not difficult. Registration is free and allows you to save created tests. 

Link to the service:


This platform allows you to create interactive presentation lessons, has a database of finished lessons, allows students to take an active part. The resource is English-language, so it is important that both the teacher and the students speak the language, but for English classes it can be an excellent choice.

The teacher must register, and students will have access to the lesson by code or link. Free functionality is limited, but as an additional form of activity is quite useful. Dealing with the use is not difficult, the site has clear and detailed instructions

Service link:



Online test pad

It allows you to create tests, crosswords, logic games or complex polls. It supports Russian-language interface. The service is free, but you need to register to create tasks. Confirmation of registration occurs through a letter to the mail. Confirmation email could be in the spam, so if you don’t receive a confirmation for a long time, check the spam mail. 

Service link:  


A vibrant and interactive platform for game learning. It has many free work options. There are a lot of the tips for using Kahoot that you can find in the Internet! 

Service link:  


The resource has many functions for creating presentations, cards or games. Teacher requires registration. The resource is useful in that you can find ready-made materials of very high quality, for example, you can create an interactive game to study the structure of the cell.

Service link:  


Platform for creating interactive tests. Completely free, integrates with Google Classroom. Here is an instruction on how to add a test from this resource to Google Classroom. After a quick registration, you get access to the database of ready-made tests created by users from all over the world, and you can create your own test in the constructor. Ready-made tests can be submitted as homework via Google Classroom, or via a link and a unique code. 


Interactive Resources for Exact and Natural SciencesFree distance education tools and services

  • Website with interactive simulation. Founded in 2002 by Nobel Prize winner Karl Wiman, the PhET Interactive Simulation Site is a University of Colorado Boulder project designed to create and use free interactive simulations in mathematics and environmental sciences. PhET-sims created on the basis of scientific pedagogical research and encourage students to study, research and experiment using intuition in an environment similar to a game. Games are in English. 


  • goREACT! - Interactive online laboratory for experiments in chemistry. Visually chemical reactions and looks good. The resource is free.


  • Graphic calculator for mathematicians. Formulas immediately visualized in a graph. Free resource with a simple interface.


  • Free Math Apps - Will be needed for geometry classes, visualization of mathematical concepts with younger students. It has a nice simple design and is sure to appeal to children. 


  • GeoGebra Math Applications - you can create interactive geometric designs, function graphs, tables, and also analyze related statistics. It has ready resources in the form of lessons, there is a database of textbooks. The resource is free and has a Russian-language interface. 


  • Visnos visual number is a resource for math visualization. Interactive, simple, effective. It has an English-language interface, but this does not interfere with the work. We liked the tool for working with corners.



Online Resources for Learning Languages

  • Language Flashcards is a very simple resource with ready-made cards for learning words. There are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Czech, Portuguese. 


  • Lingt is a resource for creating tasks in which you can include speaking elements. This resource is paid, has a free trial period. The service is really simple, but convenient, so we left it on the list. Students must not register to complete assignments. You can do up to 10 tasks for free and send them to more than 20 students. Very clear instructions for use -


  • Pictolang is a resource that literally visualizes words and helps them learn in the form of a game. It is free and has an English interface.


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