How to Improve memory and get ready for Exams

Getting ready for exam or test is a very stressful and time-consuming process. The vast majority of students are looking for easy ways to learn everything without spending much time, however they always forget that is not as easy. However, there are some methods that will help you to transform this stressful task into a more pleasant process of learning, as feeling enthusiastic towards new knowledge is a key for success and motivation.

So, while you study, try to implement some of these methods:

1. Don’t sit, move a lot! When you read something, try to walk around the room, as movement makes your heart to work better. Consequently, your brain will get more ‘fuel’.

2. Use voice recorder to record your thoughts and key points. When you have time, before going to bed or in the mornings, listen to them and revise.

3. Nature really helps. According to scientists, looking at nature may increase your ability to remember information up to 20%! If you don’t have time to go out, just look at some photos, they will also help you.

4. Shout it out loud. Need to remember some key dates and words, just speak them out loud.

5. Change your environment. Try to do it as much as possible, as it will create separate chapters in your brain, making it easier to remember all the key information. Spend one day in the library, in learning commons, in your friend’s house (but study there, please) and try not to study in one location all the time!

Improve memory and get ready

6. Make information shorter. Need to remember some chapters in history? Take a sheet of paper, and make a lot of bullet points on It. While you read, note all the important information and repeat in your head more details. Before exam, instead of reading the full text, just have a look on your bullet point notes.

7. Try to use different fun techniques if you need to remember new words in foreign language. If you need to remember a word ‘run’ in German, just try to run around your room and repeat in your head this word. It may sound strange, but if you will forget this word, just remind yourself how it was fun to run and revise this word. And most probably, you will remember itJ

8. Take a rest! Enough sleep, regular brakes will only greatly benefit your productivity. Without them, you will only remember that you want to take a rest!

We hope that these tips will be useful for you and we wish everyone a Good Luck in their tests and exams! If you need some support from professionals, on our website we have tutors for all the subjects. We believe in you!!!



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