How to Learn Maths?


How to Learn Maths?
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  1. Is it hard to study mathematics?
  2. How to understand maths and help your kid with it?
  3. How to learn maths with zero knowledge in this subject?
  4. How to explain mathematics to a young student, if he/she thinks that it is not interesting?
  5. How to learn maths fast?
  6. How to be guided while studying mathematics?
  7. Do not waste your time, do something!
  8. How to make mathematics lessons interesting and effective for young student?

Sometimes children do not want to study some subjects at school, because they are too complicated for them. Unfortunately, one of them is mathematics. This is the subject that may become interesting only after you know how to understand the principles of mathematics. However, it is only possible when the learning is done gradually, from easy topics to the harder ones. There are many books and articles that teach how to start learning this subject from scratch.

This topic is popular because mathematics is paramount for modern people as well as it can be applied nearly everywhere in day-to-day life. It is hard to imagine how people would live, if they could not count their money, measure the distances or invent accurate machines that are integral in our lives. There is even a thought that mathematics and music are both universal languages of the world. So, without learning this science, it may be impossible to understand the world that surrounds us.


To study maths is not such a hard task as it may look from the first sight. The most important thing – the correct start of the education process. A lot of people are afraid of this science. They even think that mathematics is a magic science, and mathematicians are magicians that use incomprehensible signs and words to create unbelievable things. So, the most important rule for beginners is to have a good start and not to give up if the first few lessons will be hard. There is also another problem usually faced by beginners in maths, is because mathematics is an abstract science.

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This science does not work directly with objects that surround us, but with their numerical equivalents. If you start learning mathematics from zero, you have to clearly understand that everything in the surrounding world can be explained with a help of maths language. Knowing the regularities of natural processes and numbers that characterize a human society, it is possible to manage and create something new and useful.


Understanding of mathematical principles and knowledge of their actions is necessary for both children and adults:

  • Mathematics is used in many professional fields. Among them are physics specialities, programming, engineering, cartography and many others;
  • In everyday life, we always use mathematics to count money/salaries, time, situation analysis and so on.
  • Since a person lives in the world of causal relationships, then mathematics contributes to the development of logical thinking;
  • Parents may also need this science to help their child with school homework. Mathematics can be called the language of the natural theory, because in such sciences like physics and chemistry, mostly mathematical formulas are being used.

The main difference between mathematics and physics is that maths is an abstract science when compared to the other one. If the formula in physics describes the process, this process may be observed in real life, while maths formulas related more to something abstract.

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Understanding mathematics may help to do many things:

  • create theorems-assumptions about the surrounding objects, conduct their analysis;
  • develop in mental calculation skills, that may be used in daily life;
  • to create spatial-temporal intuition and the concept of the model of the objects;
  • improve abstract thinking and ability to draw conclusions based on evidence;

Be able to correctly identify the parts to be divided, such as chocolate, so that everyone gets even parts.


Each individual has different abilities and set of minds. It is believed that practically all people can be divided into two large categories: one with the humanitarian and second with a mathematical form of thinking. People with Humanitarian set of minds, find it more difficult to cope with mathematical sums and axioms because they think by linking human feelings and beauty of nature with poetic comparisons, metaphors and epithets.

While mathematicians think about abstract categories using the language of numbers and formulas. Unlike physics and chemistry, the language of mathematics is completely abstract and describes the complex interactions between categories on the theoretical level. Some concepts that currently operate this subject have not even found analogies in the real world. Methods of teaching mathematics differ from those in the natural sciences.

Mathematics can be divided into several sections, but the main ones are algebra and geometry with many units. When mastering algebraic topics, you can sometimes not use knowledge of geometry, but not always the other way around. To understand how to learn math from scratch, it is worth distributing your time competently and not skipping classes. It is necessary to start with the basic, simplest topics, moving towards more complex ones.

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This science is not torn from the real world, so searching for analogies and examples of objects from life will help you to correctly master the next topic so that it is not too difficult. In order to learn mathematics more effectively, you may need a good teacher. The tutor of mathematics in Nigeria. It will help the child to improve his\her progress and form a good base for the theory. Additionally, the tutor will explain to the parents what needs to be improved, so the parents also take a part in the education process.


The child's attitude toward the subject is usually generated in the youngest classes. The teacher's ability not only to correctly present the material, but also to set many examples for its consolidation - that's one of the keys to a successful understanding of the subject. Sometimes the topics may be perfectly taught in higher and secondary schools, but teachers may not be personally interested in a child’s progress. In some cases, teachers repeat the same phrase: “You will definitely need algebra and geometry in your life, so learn it!”, however, it is not the best motivation for children.

Another reason that a child does not want to learn mathematics at school is that the lessons are conducted in an obscure language with a bunch of unknown words and terms. If earlier the alternative way of teaching the subject was online courses, that was mostly used to learn a foreign language. Now, there are a lot of helpful online resources, that are available for free! In addition to that, nowadays you can easily find a mathematics tutor online, who will be able to conduct classes both online or at any other place.


In some cases, mathematics has to be learned in a short time and at an elevated pace. Such an intensive course may be required when preparing for:

  • Olympiads of different levels of complexity. It is also important to know the time remaining before these mathematical competitions, so there is enough time to prepare for the event;
  • Entrance exams to general or technical higher education institutions;
  • Taking different maths exams after the high school, required to go to the university;
  • To prepare for school exams and test for younger school students.

Learning maths quickly may be needed not only for children, but also for adults. This may be necessary for advanced training if the profession is related to calculations or to develop new skills when looking for a new job.

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To learn the subject in a short time, it's enough to follow a few rules that can be concluded in the following statements:

  • Develop a clear program of lessons, their duration;
  • Move from simple to complex, without breaking gaps in the topics, even if they are unclear at first;
  • Make separate notebooks for formulas, axioms and theorems, which should always be at hand;
  • Practise by completing at least a few tasks for each topic. Don’t forget that tasks have to be of different levels of complexity with different conclusions and evidence;
  • Conduct regular testing in an online format or on a paper (In books);
  • Find a good teacher who can explain incomprehensible methods of maths problem solving and properties of mathematical concepts;
  • Formulate a clear goal for yourself and clearly understand what motivates you for learning mathematics.


Each person is unique in its own way. But the millennial experience of studying mathematics resulted in the creation of the most effective method of how to effectively study mathematics from scratch.

1. Correctly approach the learning process, and do not think that math is a very complicated science learned only by some people. In order to study math, there's no need to be a genius; it's accessible and understandable to everyone.

2. Do not quit learning, even if at first something does not work out, or you have the feeling that it's simply impossible to understand the next topic. Mathematics is a science in which there are important interrelationships between all the topics learned before.

3. Try to get into what you are studying now and try using simple analogies to find a replacement for an incomprehensible mathematical language. This may even be the most elementary count on your fingers.

4. Ask yourself questions and try to find the answer by yourself. Mathematics from scratch is a process of gradual accumulation of knowledge. It has been known for the while that the most memorable things are those that were discovered by the individual himself. If you still have not found a satisfactory answer, you can go to the maths guide or ask for help from others who can give you a math lesson (e.g. your teacher or tutor).

5. Not only remember things, but also write it down. Knowledge obtained through reading or listening must also be revised by hands. Therefore, it will be convenient to keep all the notes you take in a handy place, where you will add short notes while learning the mathematical theory and doing practise tasks.

6. If tasks or examples are particularly difficult, it is very important to divide them into more simple parts. The solution to these simple parts will result in a few partial answers. When these partial answers will be connected together, they will give a common answer to the formulated task,

7. To solve a task or an equation it is usually necessary to approach from the beginning to the end. However, after reading the task carefully, you may see that there might some shorter way to solve the task. So always try to find the most efficient to solve any maths problem.

8. While learning, try to choose a place where you will have a lesson in which you will feel most comfortable and enjoyable. This can be a park, a square, a river, your room or the balcony of your apartment. Learn to solve mathematical tasks even in public transport.

9. The process of studying mathematics should not be tiring and exhausting at the beginning, otherwise, you will not want to do anything in the future. Information should be divided into several large topics, which should be learned for an entire hour. It is better to do this not very long, but quite often.

10. In order to learn math, try always to train memory and attention. Riddles, puzzles, and chess - all these should help to improve memory and increase the level of analytical abilities. You can also use mnemonic rules to memorize the material - in a humorous or poetic form, even the heaviest material will be much easier to remember. It is not hard at all to learn this way of studying.


After humanity has invented mathematics, human life and technological progress have reached an unprecedented level. With the help of mathematics, many inventions were possible, and many other incredible things were made possible with the help of mathematics - but it all began with the usual account on apples. Therefore, you can confidently embark on the study of mathematics, even from the lowest level. You will notice that with each passing lesson, very difficult tasks will become easier and easier, these tasks will no longer be confusing, and all the maths equations will not be so terrible.

You can also use many manuals and guides in which mathematics is taught very simply, but the tasks considered are significant and complicated. Such books may include textbooks and collections created by popularisers of this science - Jacob Perelman, Peter Winkler, Stephen Hawking and many others. They will help you to solve the most difficult tasks. Learning math from scratch will give you the opportunity to feel yourself in the heart of this science, which will help while accomplishing mathematical challenges.


Mathematics as a science is very interesting and engaging. Teaching children mathematics is an important part of the educational process for teachers and parents. This subject is not just a series of numbers and obscure formulas in thick textbooks and guides. At the moment, mathematics - the most universal language of understanding our nature and the universe.

Studying this science helps to improve abstract and spatial thinking, as a result - to increase logical abilities. Mathematics will come in handy in everyone's life - from engineers to writers, since you encounter it at virtually every step. Living in the technical age, an individual turns out to be involved in the cycle of numbers and formulas.

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