How to Learn Polish Quickly?


How to Learn Polish Quickly?

Free and high-quality education in the country of the Schengen Zone that is in the European Union, a safe opening of small and large businesses, a social package with huge benefits, inexpensive medicine and public transport... This is only the beginning of the list of opportunities that opens for you if you speak Polish.

If you want to travel to Poland to study - forget about your Nigerian exams (you will need to pass different exams). If you want to open a business - forget about corruption. Forget about a long waiting time for a visa before travelling. Think about a map and where is Poland located, that it is near the Baltic sea, that there are beautiful mountains, borders with Ukraine, Germany and the Czech Republic.

All these can be obtained if you learn the Polish language. Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Australia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, the USA, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine are the countries in which the majority of the population speaks the Polish language. And of course, it is spoken in Poland, where 97% of citizens consider it as their native language. In total, 42 million people speak Polish all over the world. This number is constantly growing, and no one will be surprised if at one moment it exceeds the population of Nigeria (possibly one day).


The popularity amongst who study a new language independently, by themselves is growing dramatically. However, at the time the demand for tutors is growing as well. As everyone knows the benefits of classes with the personal tutor. For example, an individual approach to each student, motivation and pace of learning. The tutor is completely focused on you and at any time you can change or adjust the education program, as well as a tutor, is always there to support you!

How to Learn Polish Quickly

Lack of group work is a disadvantage. After all, it is better to master communication skills in groups. But with the teacher, there are more opportunities to learn how to speak correctly. Only face-to-face your tutor will be able to hear all the wrongly pronounced words and sounds. It will quickly and gradually make your speech sound perfect. It is thought that the individual teacher is expensive, but at the same time self-study is also not free. With a tutor, you can save on the purchase of books, workshops, films and video tutorials. Close communication with the tutor gives you the opportunity to consult about Internet resources, programs and grants in accordance with your level. Maximum comfort conditions save time. After all, it is possible to conduct classes either at your home or via Skype, without spending time on the road.

How quickly to learn Polish without a tutor?

Firstly, break down the education process into the four main categories: grammar, vocabulary, speech and listening. Write down everything that you would like to learn in a specific time, be sure to include time too! Dare and strive to do everything in the time frame you specified before.

Textbook. The most important is the FIRST textbook. After all, with it, you will begin the path to change your life. If you will not be able to study with a textbook of your choice (most likely the one that you choose randomly without making prior research about it), you will drop the case. In the book shops, you can buy expensive and complex textbooks. To avoid failure, use this lifehack: find a library at the Polish Language Institute or a library of foreign books in your city.

Believe me, the librarian will help you to find the right books you may need. Or scour for a long-time in different book shops, and better in the book markets, there you will definitely find something and most importantly it should be cheaper there! If you are too lazy, you can just use Google search to find the best textbooks for beginners. For example, try to search for the TOP 5 books to learn Polish, they can be both online and physical textbooks.

Classes. Learning Polish on your own is more difficult than with a teacher. Therefore, many who have gone this way recommend studying twice a day in order to achieve the desired result. In the morning and in the evening with rare weekends - the perfect schedule.

If you don’t want your studies to feel like a constant penalty, you have to develop a personal reward system, since there is no one to praise you. For example, for each learned 50 words – you may buy a new thing for your wardrobe or a walk with a friend. For each read paragraph - make yourself a small gift. Without praise, you will soon become tedious.

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Art. Even with gifts to yourself, you will be bored reading standard texts and exercises. This does not mean that on the second day you need to grab Oscar Wilde and read him in Polish translation. Go through a significant part of the textbook, and when you feel that it is time to somehow dilute your classes - buy fiction, listen to an audiobook, turn on a movie, for example, Top 5 films: Listy do M. (Letters to M.) Wkręceni (Living in luxury ) 7 rzeczy, których nie wiecie o facetach (7 things you didn’t know about men) Ile waży koń trojański? (How much does a Trojan horse weigh) Tylko mnie kochaj (You just love)

Habits. Over time, you will have to train yourself to speak, read, and even think in the language you are learning. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do this, just start to set goals that everything you see or read should be in Polish. Even translate social media pages into Polski. Speak constantly, review grammar. Do not forget to write out new words and use the dictionary.

Do the exercises. For example, write yourself 20 topics that you would like to know to speak freely about in Polish. Set a specific date before which you would like to master these topics ideally. Work on yourself. Be sure to give yourself a gift after each topic. Subscribe to some interesting channels on YouTube, for instance, “TED”. This method of learning is possible; however, the only thing is that it is not very fast and only maybe successful for conversational.

For quick studying, passing Polish tests, entering or moving to the country - this is not enough. It is necessary to have some classes with an experienced tutor. For a quick and successful study, you need nothing at all - find a good tutor that will be able to satisfy all your educational needs. There are a lot of them on UpskillsTutor – so no need to worry!

And now the most important thing! If you are determined to learn - you cannot pull! Start now! After all, in exactly 10 minutes you will have more important things to do and again you will postpone the possibilities for later! Remember what you dream about, what you want! And why you want to learn Polish!

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