How to turn study into a habit?


How to turn study into a habit?

Willpowwr that is grown up by the habit can become the basis of effective studying. The person, who feels uneasy when leatning, knows more. You have probably faced wiyh the difficukties of studying a huge amount of information in the shortest timeframe. Hovewer, was it a study?

We are speaking about the process of learning, but not about the case, when you have learnt, passed a test and forgot everything. Willpower pressuposes suffering for the benefit. How to control willpower in order to start learning? Develop a habit.

How to turn study into a habit?

Train what you need to do to achieve the goal every day. Be it studying a foreign language, skiing or learning high-speed reading. Devote 20-30 minutes a day to form a habit. The habit is inclined to evolve in need, and you will not even have to touch the same strings of willpower soon. You will not be able to live without the regular execution of your step to the goal.

It will become your routine; however, it is the step to reach the most desired goal. It turns out that the habit is formed for 66 days, not 21, as it was earlier assumed.  

It is important to believe in yourself, will power, and its inexhaustibility. People, who believe in the unlimited power of will, give up later than those who are convinced of its limitations. Carol Dvec, a psychologist at Stanford University, conducted a series of experiments that showed the effectiveness of faith in their willpower: students, confident in the integrity of the will of power, coped with the challenges better and got tired slowly.

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