5 methods to study English independently


5 methods to study English independently

English has long been the most popular among all foreign languages. There are more than 800 million people in the world who study English or speak it as a foreign language. Such popularity pushed us to prepare materials to help master this important language.

Online simulators: use modern online simulators that allow you to train your English in a form of a comfortable game. The main advantage of such services is their availability. You have the opportunity to learn new words and phrases everywhere as well as train your grammar on your mobile.

Services: LinguaLeo, Puzzle English, Duolingo

Online courses: self-study using online courses. The main advantages are structured material, homework / tests, and, and lack of connection with place and time.

Service: EduGet

Films in the original: a pleasant way to learn the language. Watching movies, TV shows and cartoons is one of the best methods. In the world, more than 85% of video materials are created in English, so you will not have problems with a content choice. You have a perfect chance to watch “Friends”, “Doctor House” or “Game of Thrones” in the original.

Services: Puzzle Movie, OroroTv

Travel: one of the effective methods of learning any foreign language is immersion in the environment, but it can often be costly. If you decide to go on a holiday, it is better choose an English-speaking country and (or) a language school in it. It is a great chance to combine relaxation and practice of live English.

Service: LinguaTrip

Tutor English. When people decide to study foreign language, they need a motivation or a person, who can create plan. In such cases, working with an individual tutor is helpful. The lessons with the tutor helped me a lot to master spoken language. Before classes, I had a good vocabulary, but it was very hard to speak. Here, you can solve the problem by speaking and practicing only.

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