Music school: for and against


Music school: for and against

You cannot live a day without music? You have the playlist overwhelmed with music? Have you ever thought to obtain education in music? Let us discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of music schools.

Firstly, you have to consider the presence or absence of interest. It often happens that pupils of music schools do like them and hate every lesson and minute of them1. I am sure that the desire of parents to realize their desires in children is the same as alcohol or tobacco dependence. Please, find out whether your child is interested in studying music. In any case, education in music makes the person more disciplined, helps create regime as home tasks take much time of free time.

It is clear that the child should have voice and tuneful ear in order to study in music school. However, some teachers do not agree with this, as voice may not play such a huge role nowadays. The teachers from studio of the Moscow Academic Art Theatre told that Vladimir Vysostky (the most famous soviet celebrity) did not have singing voice, despite perfect tuning ear and rhythm. However, he managed to overcome many of his contemporaries, who had perfect voices.

As soon as you decided why you or your child need an education in music, it is right time to choose music school. They can be private and public. Public school ensures issuing the certificate after graduation, and there is a chain of them all over the country. Moreover, they have lower prices, compared to private ones. 

Music school: for and against

One of the disadvantages is that musical schools usually do not have a flexible learning schedule. Music tutor can be helpful in this case, as you have a wide selection of both the venue and time here. One way or another, it is advisable for parents to attend the first lessons to make sure that the child is engaged in a good teacher’s educating process, and make sure that the tutor has a certain training program. A good music tutor can be found on our website. Many tutors have free trial lessons, so you can make your own decision whether your new music teacher is perfect for you or not.  Additionally, the disadvantage of music schools is that you have a low chance to change your teacher.

One way or another, it is necessary to remember that little children do not know what they want. Therefore, you have a chance to get them interested in the world of music. Show a child an interesting movie or concert; tell interesting facts from the biographies of prominent musicians. By the example of a famous singer or composer, your son or daughter will personally find it easier to overcome obstacles. Musical education sometimes requires many physical and nervous workloads.

Any industry needs a systematic and integrated approach, so taking 2 classes a week will unlikely make your child a prominent musician.  He needs complete dedication. If you chose this way, follow it, because “music is the most humane and widespread out of all arts". 

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