6 recommendations how to find an ideal tutor


6 recommendations how to find an ideal tutor
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Today, the importance of tutors is hard to deny. Preparations for exams, independent education or learning a foreign language in the adulthood becomes simpler with the tutor. Below are six recommendations how to find the best tutor for you:

1. Define your aim. The first thing you need, is to define what you want. Entering a foreign university or preparation for the exams are good aims. Very often parent hires tutor to improve academic marks at school. It is one of the biggest mistakes. Firstly, marks do not often reflect the real level of knowledge. Secondly, the aim should be long-term.

2. Analyse the situation and study the market if you use the tutor services for the first time. There are many offers in the internet, but they always should be compared. Speak with your friends, who attended tutors, study websites and social networks to compare different propositions and variants. 

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3. Study reviews. Do not fully trust the feedback about the tutor, retrieved from the social networks. He or she will naturally leave only positive and enthusiastic comments. The real situation can be valued on the websites of companies engaged in the selection of tutors, because they value their reputation and ensure that the reviews are real. Do not consider teachers who have a lot of bad reviews, but do not exclude the candidacy, based on one or two impartial comments. Everyone can have an ambiguous situation with the student or his parents.

4. Look for a professional. Nowadays, many tutors teach several disciplines. In case the tutor is engaged in languages and literature, it is acceptable, but be careful when you read about tutors teaching languages and physics. 

5. Ask questions. Do not hesitate! How many lessons per week does the tutor have? After all, a person who has 7 students a day will definitely give you less attention than someone who has 1-2 lessons. What textbooks and materials does the tutor use? One textbook (even the best) still has a one-sided approach, and several manuals expand the view.

6. Be honest. Students are often ashamed to answer the question about their level of knowledge. It is especially peculiar for people of older age, who start to study a new foreign language. Just be honest, and your new tutor will be able to create an individual program for you, so your results will be the best.

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