Top-5 in Demand Jobs for the Future 5 Years


Top-5 in Demand Jobs for the Future 5 Years
University education

In demand jobs for the future is a worrying topic for most of the modern generation, as everything changes so fast nowadays. Current jobs require constant education and on most of them it is hard to get without a college degree. Everyone has to undergo retraining, because with old or not updated knowledge it is impossible to work with new equipment.

However, these 5 sectors will require a lot of new workers in the nearest future:

  1. Information Technology (IT)

Programmers, web-designers, computer scientists and so on will be needed everywhere. Bill Gates wanted everyone to have a personal computer, and people thought that he is crazy. But, as can be seen today, everyone has it and Bill Gates was right! Consequently, IT specialists are needed everywhere, and we are sure that there will be a very high demand for them in future 5 years.

information technology

  1. Marketing

People were selling goods since our existence. And we are selling now and will be selling in the future! However, now, due to increasing competition a new sphere was created – Marketing. Because without wise marketing tools, it would be hard to position your product or service and make customers buy it. So, if you wish to know how to retain customers, marketing is for you!

  1. Medicine

While we are normal humans not robots, we need to look after our health. People tend to have some illnesses that need to be treated. Also, world’s population is growing every day, so more people need to be treated.

Additionally, it is important to take into account that medicine is tightly corelated to technology, so the same as with IT, more and more people are needed in medicine sphere.


  1. Nanotechnology

Basically, nanotechnology is a manipulation of matter on a molecular, supramolecular and atomic scales. Nearly all the modern spheres need intervention of this science in their daily operations, for example food, robotics, petroleum industries. Everything that is related to nanotechnologies is very important for the whole world.

  1. Ecology

It is not a secret that Earth needs help from people, because people make a lot of bad things for it. Air pollution, catching too much fish, cutting trees – have a huge impact on our environment. Ecologists are people that study all these processes and warn everyone. Ecologists maybe the most important professionals, because our lives will be in their hands in the future. Global warming will not stop by itself!


Qualities employers are looking for

You have to be able to adopt yourself to different situations. In the past, workers were required to know how to do one particular task, but it has changed nowadays. Being universal is a key to success and this is what all the employers are looking for.

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