TOP-5 Opportunities for Self-education


TOP-5 Opportunities for Self-education

Level of education and intelligence is not measured by the number of diplomas or certificates you may possible have, but how much analysed information you have in your head as your personal asset. Due to that many people joke that university diploma is not needed in real life and if you have a diploma it may not always mean that you are educated. Because everyone can get a diploma nowadays, but not everyone can get knowledge with it, only those who love hard working and those who are ready to self-educate themselves.

TOP-5 Opportunities for Self-education

Of course, you have an opportunity to get all the theoretical and practical knowledge you may need in university. But we do not think that it is true. Everyone has to work and develop themselves even after university or school, if they want to be educated for ‘real’. Thankfully, today there are many ways how we can self-educate ourselves:

  1. Online courses

Even thought, many people may think that real knowledge can only be obtained in libraries, universities or just being a book worm, this is 21st century and many things have changed. Internet can be used to access all the academic information you may possibly need for successful self-education, not only for entertainment as many may think. Services like Coursera or Futurelearn make it accessible for everyone to attend online lectures of the best lecturers in the world.

You even can get a certificate after completing a course, of course only after you pass an online exam. We are sure that many of our readers will find these services useful. For school students, there are also many alternatives that may help them to prepare for exams.

  1. Business Literature

In order to find a life-changing you have to read more than 10 books, minimum! In the last decade, business literature has greatly increased in popularity. Unfortunately, not all the books may be as good as on the cover. Also, it may be quite expensive to buy books, but there are many cheaper or even free alternatives like: Google books, Amazon eBooks or public libraries. We would advise you to make your personal research before starting reading a new book, so it will be suitable for you.

  1. Public Lectures

There are many of them available in Nigeria. They may be crucial for your development as well as they may inspire you to do something new.

TOP-5 Opportunities for Self-education

  1. Seminars

They became very popular in the last few years. And some of them can really become a life-changer in your life and thoughts. Seminar usually held by professionals, that already became successful in a particular sphere. You can easily search for them in the internet and find the one that will be perfect for you. You may need to attend more than one, as all of them are different. You have to remember, that sometimes they may be too expensive!

  1. Webinars

Webinars are usually cheaper than regular seminars. The only difference is that webinars are seminars that held online. You may self-educate yourself while lying in the bed and drinking your coffee in pyjama. Significant advantage is that you can ‘attend’ a seminar from any place in the world. But you need a very good and stable internet connection.

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