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2500 NGN per hour
2500 NGN per hour
7000 NGN per hour
7000 NGN per hour
2000 NGN per hour
2000 NGN per hour
3000 NGN per hour
3000 NGN per hour
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Frequently Asked Questions about Tutors Calligraphy

🥇 How to find a perfect online Calligraphy tutor ?

To find a perfect Tutors Calligraphy we recommend considering: experience, education, the price per lesson, location and positive feedbacks.

✍️Why do you need a tutor in "Calligraphy" via skype/zoom?

A professional tutor will improve the level of knowledge in a few months and as a result the student:
- Can get better grades in school
- Will successfully pass university exams
- Will increase his qualification and skills

🖥 How to find a Calligraphy tutor for online/skype classes ?

On UpskillsTutor you can find 4 Calligraphy tutors. You can have classes via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, discord etc. Find your perfect tutor with UpskillsTutor

🏠 Why do I need online Calligraphy tutor?

"Online classes have advantages in comperison to classical lessons:
- you can have classes and stay at home
- no need for commuting
- a wider choice of tutors