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5000 NGN per hour
5000 NGN per hour
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2500 NGN per hour
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12000 NGN per hour

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Number of tutors for your query:3
The average tutor's rating:4.96
Online tutoring:Yes
Work schedule:Mo-Su, 08:00 - 21:00
The average tutor's work experience:8 year
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3000 NGN per hour
3000 NGN per hour

Frequently Asked Questions about Tutors Ikeja Draftsmanship

🥇 How to find a perfect tutor?

To find a perfect Tutors Ikeja Draftsmanship we recommend considering: experience, education, the price per lesson, location and positive feedbacks.

🖥 How to choose a tutor for online/Skype classes?

To see all the variants for online/Skype classes in the list of profiles choose the "online" option in the selection field "Where would you like to study?" in Filters box. In this case you will see profiles of tutors who teach only online (via Skype). Additionally you can see if a tutor conduct online lessons in his or her tutor’s profile. To find this information check the "Lessons may take place" section for the "Online" option.

🏠 Can I find a tutor in my district?

You can find a tutor in such districts:

    📊 Can I find a tutor according to my level?

    You can choose among such levels: [:levels_list]