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«Speech and Language Therapist, Music Therapist, Autism Spectrum specialist, SEN educator»

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Prince E.

id: 2704

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About me

I sincerely appreciate your interest to journey with me. Consider the professional body I belong as a speech and language therapist.

Professional body:
Member: Speech and Language Pathologist (membership receipt (Order #2303177)
Member: British Council Partner Schools
Member: Music Association of Nigeria (MUSAN)
Member: Music Therapist Association of Nigeria (MUTHAN)
Member: Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria

As a musicologist, Speech and Language therapist, Music Therapist, using sound frequencies (solfeggio). music is an active part of my therapy session. It captures the individual and sets the mode and tone for acceptance.

Piano playing - details about teaching experience:

Playing the piano by head,
Playing using Silva
Playing using letters

Speech therapist - details about teaching experience:

Autism, ADHD, vocal disorder.
The use of modern technology, vocal equipment, exercises, sound synthetic analyzers etc

Saxophone playing - details about teaching experience:

Play all keys. Understanding of sharks, flats and enhamonics. Understanding of slurs and ornamentation. Sight-reading and sight playing for those who understand sheet music

Violin - details about teaching experience:

Practical hands-on approach with the use of Silva, fingering positions and letters.

Solfeggio - details about teaching experience:

Solfeggio is the use of specific sound frequencies to stimulate brain plasticity. There are very many sound frequencies, but only through a guided approach will your child benefit. It works with autism, ADHD, mental disorder etc children and adults. It helps in sleep, speech formation, socialization etc.

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Tutor’s summary

Prince E. is an experienced tutor, and has helped many students over 5 years. Tutor lives in Abuja and does tutoring in following subject:

  1. Singing
  2. Piano playing
  3. Violin
  4. Saxophone playing
  5. Music
  6. Music theory
  7. Solfeggio
  8. Speech therapist
You may choose following preparation levels with this tutor:
  • Tutor for children
  • For beginners
  • Prepare to enter the musical institutions
  • Specialized courses
  • Basic level
  • Primary
  • Undergraduates
  • Adults
You may learn at tutors’ place, at students’ place, online, lesson price is 10000 NGN per hour.