Answers to the most common questions from tutors


  1. How to register a tutoring profile at Upskillstutor?
    To start receiving new requests with Upskillstutor you need to go to the registration page or click on the "Become a tutor" tab and fill in the suggested fields: Last name, first name, email address and invent your password. After registration it is necessary to fill in the tutor's questionnaire. The next day, your questionnaire will be posted on the website and will be available to students.

  2. How to start getting orders from students?
    Immediately after the publication of your personal profile, students will be able to view your profile and leave a tutoring request for you! You will be notified about new tutoring requests via SMS, email and from your support managers. Under the «New Orders» tab, you will be able to to respond to your requests and determine which requests are interesting for you.

  3. How does the client pay for lessons?
    The tutor and the client agree on the payment method by themselves. Credit card payment or cash payment, before or after the class - all payment details are settled between the tutor and the client.

  4. What is TOP-position for a profile?
    The "TOP" service allows your profile to be displayed in the first position of the list among all tutors in your city. So your profile will be among the most visible profiles on the site. Such profiles are more often reviewed by students, and therefore are more likely to receive personal requests. TOP-position is a paid service. Check all details on the page:



Answers to the most common questions from clients


  1. Is there a fee for finding a tutor with your service?
    Using our service is free of charge. You pay only for classes directly to a selected tutor.

  2. How long will it take to find a tutor? How soon will the tutor I choose contact me?
    Usually clients find the right tutor and arrange the first lesson with the teacher in less than 24 hours, and sometimes even in a few hours.

  3. How do I know that the tutor has agreed to work and get the teacher's contacts?
    You will receive an SMS and an e-mail with the teacher's contact details as soon as he / she indicates that he / she is ready to start working with you. You can call the teacher and arrange the first lesson as soon as you receive his contact details.

  4. I sent an application to several tutors. Will I be able to get contacts from all these tutors?
    We will only be able to send you the contacts of one of the tutors you have chosen. This will be a tutor who is ready to start classes with you and has the best rating. If you need to learn more details about tutors to choose whom to send the application to, then you can use the chat with the tutor on the site.

  5. Why did the tutor I chose in the catalog refuse? Why was my contact given to another tutor?
    The tutor you have chosen yourself in the catalog may reject the application due to high workload, busy hours or other conditions specified in the application.
    In this case, your application may be answered by another teacher, whose profile corresponds to your request in the application. Your contact is given to only one teacher with the highest rating among those tutors who match the description of your application and are ready to start classes.

  6. How to pay for classes?
    Teachers and students independently agree on convenient ways of payment - payment by card, cash, prepay for several classes or payment after classes.

  7. If the appointed tutor is not for me?
    If for some reason the appointed tutor is not suitable for you, you can choose another tutor and send new requests. You may also ask your support manager in a chat and he/ she will find you new tutor according to your criteria.