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Learning Ukrainian is of great importance for everyone, not only for students. Of course, at school it is necessary to pass exams, pass EIT in order to enter a prestigious university and get a good education. But adults also need Ukrainian: at work, in public service. It is not always possible to learn the language of the school curriculum, especially considering how many students have to work with the teacher. Qualitative knowledge can be provided by tutors of the Ukrainian language, which should be addressed to both students and adults.


Ukrainian Tutor is a qualified teacher, it will certainly help to eliminate knowledge problems and improve language skills. This is a teacher working on the result. When drawing up a plan of study, the tutor of the Ukrainian language and literature considers the purpose and term for which the student needs to prepare for, say, an exam or an interview. On the other hand, a private teacher can accompany school teaching by examining more widely the topics of language and literature and providing deeper knowledge.

With the tutor, you can prepare for the Olympics, creative competitions, and other activities that are held among students. By the way, the prize-winning places in the Olympiads and participation in the MAN are positive points when entering a university in Ukraine: they can prevail with equal points scored. In addition, the student has the opportunity to choose a class, the cost of the lesson, even the age and gender of the teacher of Ukrainian, because communication must be positive.


The tutor pays all his attention to one student, so he has the opportunity to: use effective modern techniques that are most effective for a particular student; individually select materials for the lesson; to choose the time and pace of the lesson, which take into account the personal properties of the student's perception of information; to consider each topic the required number of lessons before full mastering; to establish the density of lessons, the place of their conduct. Also, with such a system of work, it is easy to control the success of the teaching that the teacher does systematically.


The most convenient and effective way to find a Ukrainian language tutor in the Dnieper is to consult Buki's specialized site. Here are the profiles of professional teachers who have extensive experience in conducting private classes. Finding the best tutor is very easy, as there is a well-designed filter system that allows you to choose a teacher's specialization, work experience, cost per hour of study, and more. Students can be confident in the experience of the teacher, because the site lists only those teachers who really have specialized education and work with students for a long time personally.

Each candidate is interviewed by the administration of the site, only then students can get acquainted with his questionnaire. You can also read reviews of former students on the site, which can also be helpful when looking for a teacher in a complex subject such as the Ukrainian language. Dnipropetrovsk has many offers, so it is possible to choose a teacher even in the desired area.


The study of the Ukrainian language with the tutor should be started as early as possible in order to obtain the desired high results. If you need help with your search, you should contact Buki World Consultants. They will find a teacher who meets all the requirements and will help them get in touch with you to get started as soon as possible.


How much does a tutor cost?

The price of an English tutor in Kiev depends on the length of the classes and the tutor's rate per hour of work. On average, a monthly course with a private English teacher will cost about 30000 NGN.

How to choose a tutor?

To choose the best English tutor, we recommend that you address the following teacher settings: work experience, higher education diploma, teaching area, hourly rate, number of positive reviews, and active blog posts.

How long is the English language course?

The duration of your English tutor course varies depending on your current level of knowledge and the goals you want to achieve. On average, one full course with an English tutor in Lagos lasts at least 4 months.

How do I get in touch with my chosen tutor?

For a more detailed discussion of the nuances of conducting a lesson with the selected tutor, you need to click the "Contact tutor" button on his profile or the general directory. Further, the tutor must accept your application, after which you will be given access to a personal chat with the teacher to agree the details of the lessons.