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Josephine J.

id: 29715

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About me

Gone are the days when, school was not always pleasant. Classes were boring, the teacher simply did chalk and talk thing, and corporal punishment was acceptable and commonly used to rewarding rudely behaviour. My teaching philosophy is totally against these.

My teaching philosophy is creating a student- centered learning environment that is safe, positive, fun, collaborative and inviting which is supported by Piaget’s cognitive development theory.

I think out of box to present lesson to my students based on Jean Piaget theory which emphasis that the way children think is different from the way adults think. My task before every lesson is creating experiences using suitable learning styles, learning resources, to help children discover the world around them becomes my priority.
However, as an educator, I have three areas that are so important to me in view of my philosophy. They are;
1) The learning environment.
2) My relationship with the students.
3) Student assessment.

The learning environment
I welcome students at the door with a smile. This gives them confidence and value as they enter for the lesson felling important. For quality education, I always integrate technology into my lessons either as teaching aid or learning point. I like using projector and PowerPoint a lot in the classroom making the class a bit digital. I also send activities asynchronously to my students on weekends for learning to continue outside the classroom.

My relationship with students.
A teacher must be sensitive to and value personality of a student including their learning style differences. I teach always consider the learners when choosing a learning style for a topic. I believe a teacher must be accessible to students and actively engage with attentive listening in interactions with the students. In my class, during open discussion of a topic, I listen to the student attentively, praising the students that contributed correctly while acknowledging those that made wrong contribution, and then clarifying them with more illustrations.

Students assessment
I believe formative assessment is of value for determination of goal attainment and necessary adjustments for attaining those goals. At end of every step I assess my class to be sure the lesson is moving on the right direction.

Summarily, I believe there is no better pay off than watching students succeeds in their chosen career because they were motivated and guided to learn.

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Josephine J.

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Josephine J. is an experienced tutor, and has helped many students over 5 years. Tutor lives in Abuja and does tutoring in following subject:

  1. Computer science
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  • External testing
  • State final examination
  • Tutor for children
  • University courses
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  • Specialized courses
  • Basic level
  • Common entrance
  • GSCE
  • WAEC
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • JSS Level
  • SSS Level
You may learn online, lesson price is 1000 NGN per hour.