A tutor: glut or necessity?


A tutor: glut or necessity?

It is not a secret anymore that the amount of school information is constantly increasing as well as the demands for the pupils. Time limit is constant, since the day has not become longer and pupils have no time to study the school curriculum program. Sometimes, a pupil can become strong in one discipline, while his mastering of another group of subjects is weaker. Thus, people with humanitarian mind find difficulties in studying precise sciences.

As a result, the theme of tutorship has become extremely relevant. Its aim is to focus on the needs and basic demands of one pupil. In case the pupil did not understand the subject or at least something, the teacher can emphasize the same topic and devote more time to it in order to make sure that the pupil masters the subject thoroughly.

The first semester of studying is about to finish and preparation for External Independent examinations has become acute for many pupils. There are numerous courses and tutors, but it is difficult to make the right choice. The major criterion for tutorship is availability and manner of subject explanation. Tutors should be able to easily explain all the details of the subject.  The tutor can choose an image and precise analogue of the subject under explanation and present it to the pupil in the most understandable manner.

In addition, it is necessary to mention that school curriculum and External Independent Examinations are completely different. Our pupils find tests a bit different form of knowledge assessment, since we got used to deliver full answers, solutions to the most complicated issues.


The pupil has always known that he could make a mistake somewhere. i.e. put the wrong sign in the math equation or write one word incorrectly in Nigerian dictation, since the teacher still puts points even for correct concept /solutions. What about the tests? They mean use of letters instead of complete responses. And no matter how correctly a pupil solved a problem, for example, in physics, - if he forgot to multiply or divide something somewhere, then the task does not fully count. Points are removed. As a result, he may have lost points necessary for admission to the chosen faculty. In this case, another main objective of the tutor is to adapt the student to the test form of the exam.

Thus, it is possible to state that tutor is not a glut, nut a necessity in our times.  In schools, where the amount of pupils reaches 25 or 30 people, the teacher is unable to pay enough attention to each pupil to ensure he masters school curriculum adequately. It is necessary to consider different levels of pupils’ preparation, psycho emotional peculiarities of them and different abilities comprehend material. In case, the pupil changed his marks for worse, the task of the tutor is to increase his academic performance.

That is why we should not neglect individual lessons with tutors. After all, the tutor helps not only to understand the material that causes difficulties. But, most importantly, he can dramatically change the opinion of the pupil to the studied subject, turning the course into exciting and fascinating science

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