Just like every other creation,  children have their strengths and weaknesses. Strength are inner qualities that makes us feel alive. And because of that, they are the attributes which have the potential to make us have meaningful contributions to humanity. Strength is different from interest. While the former is innate and is always dominant in humans for their entire lives, the latter is periodical and circumstantial. 

Below are the 5 Dos and don'ts to help you discover your protege's strength.



• Let them tell their own story and listen to them.

• Keep a strength journal, indicating each student's Subject Performance Index (SPI).

• Determine what keeps his/her attention the longest. 

• Seek out what make your protege unique

• Give him/her as many choices about what to do as possible 



• Don't evaluate everything they do

• Don't have an overbloated expectation of them.

•Don't compare them with siblings, colleges and friends. 

•Don't querry their choices in a harsh manner. 

• Dont shun them off when talking or force them give their opinion on something.


In conclusion; it is important to understand that when strengths are combined with interests, children and young adults can develop strong passion. For the simple fact that strength is innate, it can be developed at a very early age or later in life. It is never too late to discover your strengths. 


TO PARENTS, GUARDIAN AND TEACHERS: Naturally, most parents and passionate teachers want their students to succeed, but you unintentionally burden this kids by evaluating everything they do. Over-evaluation whether negative or positive makes children worry about how well they are doing and this Stiffles their ability to take risks. Unreasonably high expectations often pressurise students to perform and conform with prescribed guildlines and they shy away from experimentation, exploration and innovation. Children loves to please adults which makes them perform most tasks in order to gain your approval or meet your expectations rather than because they truly enjoy the task. The more children are free to explore and try new things, the easier it will be to discover their strengths.


Author: Moshood S.

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