Skills that a teacher must possess

Some of the Skills that Show Preparedness of a Teacher

Gone are the days when anybody could be forming teacher and go to class unprepared.
As technology develops,so also the brains develops and students become wiser.
Therefore, it becomes Paramount for any would be teacher to posses some skills in order to stand out.
So, the following and many more are some of the skills I think a teacher should have:
Skills that a teacher must possess
1. Your Quality: How you deliver a lesson to your students and your academic prowess
2. Your Profile: Are you morally(integrity) upright? What about your emotional and social standards? Your comportment in connecting with students and parents tells a lot about you.
3. Appearance: Your dressing must reflect your profession. Dress smartly and neatly
4. Passion: Are you there because you have the passion to impact souls or because that was the last option? Teaching goes beyond writing on the board; you are building nations.
5. Pedagogical and Content: Are you passing the right knowledge? What are the tools you are in  passing  the knowledge? You must consider the objectivity of measurement as well.
If you are a teacher, look into these skills and develop them.
Do you have some other skills you think teachers should have? Please, list them in the comment section.

Author: Noah A.

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