The best methods for studying English language


The best methods for studying English language
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1. How to define your level of English knowledge?

2. Methods for studying English

2.1 Modern technologies in the process of studying English

2.2 Personalized methods of studying English

2.3 English studying with the help of videos

3. Other methods


In the modern world, English is a method of international communication. Signing business contracts, studying abroad, traveling, having fun and finding new friends become easier if you have English skills.

Learning English is a time-consuming process, but you can begin to learn it any time. Age does not matter, since the desire to learn is more important. There are many methods to learn English.

In case a competent lesson plan is being built, it is possible to learn English in a short time. It is necessary to determine which goal of learning is finite: increasing the level of speaking, passing tests of international level or improving the academic performance.


In order to start mastering English, it is necessary to define the level of the knowledge of the person. In the process of passing English tests (TOEFL, IELTS), the following levels are distinguished:

  1. beginner;
  2. elementary;
  3. pre-intermediate;
  4. intermediate;
  5. upper intermediate;
  6. advanced;
  7. mastery.

Each of the levels of knowledge combines the skills of written, oral English and conversational skills. During the test, knowledge of grammar, punctuation, ability to express one's thoughts, vocabulary, and perception of an unknown text are determined.

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It is possible to determine the personal level of knowledge of the language, assessing the freedom of expression of thoughts, the correct use of grammatical structures of written speech, and free communication with residents of English-speaking countries.


In order to learn English, it is necessary to determine which technique is most appropriate in a particular case. The finite result depends on the method of obtaining knowledge, availability of training materials and linguistics ability. Among all the ways of learning English, the main ones: independent, individual with a tutor English and group.

Independent method of learning English is based on self-discipline, ability to create a lesson plan yourself. As soon as the goal is being set, it is necessary to arrange the time of lessons, determine the duration of each of them. Using additional resources, watching movies, listening to music will help master each of the aspects of English.

Private tutoring is different from independent, because the lessons are conducted by the tutor, who creates their plan. Lessons are held in the "one-on-one" format in a familiar atmosphere for the student. The intensity of the load is regulated by the teacher, based on the level of knowledge of the student and format of the lesson, which is preliminary approved.

Group method of learning English is used in schools of different levels of accreditation. Training is conducted in groups, consisting from five and seven to one hundred people. The teacher is forced to present the material, focusing on the individual level of each student (student, listener), and this orientation of learning.

Modern technologies in English Learning

Nowadays, it is easier to learn English using electronic devices, the World Wide Web, and social networks. Classes with the tutor of the English language are conducted via Skype, so you can improve your skills in writing and video communication with friends.

Thanks to Skype video calls there is no need to leave home to gain knowledge on a particular topic. The Internet offers a large number of resources, training videos, with the help of which learning English becomes easier and conversational level increases. There are even target sites specialized for online learning English. It is enough to find out the email address in order to start learning it.

The only requirement is the availability of high-quality Internet connection, a webcam and a certain place for English lessons.

Personalized methods of studying English

Among the methods of learning English, there are several approaches that differ from the traditional perception of a foreign language. Most of them reduce learning English to simultaneous perception, grammar, vocabulary increase and increase in the level of skills in word usage.

Lebon's method. Proposed by a French psychologist, a sociologist, who asserts that English is studied by parallel reading of the texts in his native and then foreign language.

Schechter method. The main way of learning is carried out with the help of live communication with its speakers, thus ensuring the gradual adoption of the speaker's language skills.

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Method of Davydova. It became widespread at the end of the twentieth century thanks to the spread of electronic devices: audio lessons allowed us to study grammar and improve vocabulary.

Zamyatkin method. It presupposes numerous repetitions of the English text.

Each of the methods is based on a comprehensive perception of all aspects of English language, based on the formation of "linguistic intuition," unconscious use of words, phrases, and sentences.

Learning English with the help of video

Modern technologies allow studying foreign languages ​​using video materials, online channels, watching movies and video clips online. Each method of learning English has an advantage over paper sources, because it allows feeling the nuances of using English.

Viewing must be graduated by video complexity level:

  • Cartoons include a small number of sentences, most of which are monosyllabic. This is the process for mastering of English for children;
  • Films with subtitles develop the ability to perceive expressions by ear, while reading the English text. Grammar is mastered gradually;
  • watching movies first in their native language, then in English;
  • Regular viewing of English-language serials, paying attention to the storyline, taking into account the language situations of scenes;
  • Use of training channels.

As a result of regular classes, the skills in English will form into a holistic “knowledge framework”, which allows you to use foreign language skills in everyday life.


Other methods of learning English are different from the school / university method, based on the adoption of skills from native speakers of the language, and automatic memorization.

Among the methods of studying, there are the most common:

  • visiting the language environment - trips abroad, communication with English-speaking friends;
  • Constant study of the material. English is mastered unconsciously;
  • Parallel reading of works in English, then in native language.

When combining the proposed methods and in case of correctly set schedule of classes, selection of the level of workload, the result will be high and fast.

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