Main Rules of the Successful Tutor


Main Rules of the Successful Tutor
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There are successful tutors and there are a lot of them. In my job, I met many of them and I am sure that communication with a successful tutor inspires and motivates to become better in any subject. However, unfortunately, not every tutor believes in success, not everyone knows what to do and what steps to take in order to become a successful one. If you are willing to improve yourself and you want to become the best tutor for your students or you just want to understand how good you are and what you need to improve, this article is definitely for you.

My communication with tutors and my thoughts about them are presented in five main rules of the successful tutor below.

Rule 1. You have to be a master of your subject. It means that you have to know your subject and the best methods of how to teach it to others. If you are not sure about your knowledge about the subject, you have only two options what to do. The first one will be to work and study hard, so you fill all the present gaps in your knowledge, the second one will be to understand your potential and abilities. For example, if you are not sure that you will be able to prepare a group of high school students for their exams, you can teach some younger pupils individually.

Main Rules of the Successful Tutor

Rule 2. You have to understand what success means for you, because success may be different for each educator. Some tutors believe that the more money they earn, the more successful they are, for some, a big number of happy and appreciative students is everything they need. There are also tutors that believe that popularity is the best sign of success and some of them really become popular. However, only you know what does define success for you.

Rule 3. Set up clear and achievable goals. For example, you definitely know that sense of your success is a high price and demand for your services. So, set up a plan that will consist of daily tasks and long-term targets, that will greatly help you to achieve your main goal in the future.

Rule 4. Planning – is a key to success. When you will understand your goals and objectives, you have to write a plan. Your plan can easily fit in one A4 paper, however, the plan for the next 3 months has to be short and easy to understand. If you have never planned like this, these few steps will greatly help you to begin:

  1. Create your profile on a tutoring company website. For example, UpskillsTutors or any other service.
  2. Subscribe to some blogs that will definitely inspire you how to write your plan.
  3. Analyse successful tutors, read more articles and so on. And always remember that you can write your plan in any way, the key thing is to follow it.

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