How to learn German quickly?


How to learn German quickly?
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Having mastered the English language, many people start to learn another language. According to stats, German is one of the most popular languages to learn due to its popularity in Europe. Apart from Germany, it is an official national language in 4 countries and people in 9 other countries speak it as their home language.

After learning German language, you have more opportunities available for you. For example, free higher education in Germany, where education is considered as one of the best in the world. An opportunity to travel and to speak to people without language barriers. You can meet new German speaking friends and as a result it gives you an opportunity to find a job in their country. Additionally, you will be able to read Friedrich Schiller and Franz Kafka in originally written pieces. More than 10% of all the books are published in German.

How to learn German quickly

But, the biggest benefit of knowing German, is that you can move to Germany, in the country of the future. Germany is Europe and democracy, strong and developed economy with amazing and unique culture. There are a lot of hardworking people in Germany and where everything is surrounded by nature. The country where some of the most successful companies were created, such as: BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Lufthansa, SAP, Bosch, Infineon and BASF. Especially these companies always need new employees from abroad, with fresh ideas.

To learn Germany from zero is not so hard as may look from the first sight, but it definitely worth it!


In order to learn German fast and effectively, you have to start from finding a good German language Tutor or courses. Even though it may be a bit hard to find a perfect tutor, it is crucial for your success. Before starting to search for one, you have to set clear goals, why you need it:

  • Just for fun, for yourself
  • For job, translations
  • For education

It is important to clearly understand your goals for you and for your teacher. Your study path will be created only depending on your goals. There are few ways how you can learn German:

  1. German courses

If you want to find good courses, you have to look on reviews from previous students as well as to attend trial lessons. There are also different types of courses: beginners German, intensive German, preparation for German exams and tests, German speaking clubs and online courses.

  1. Classes with a Tutor

The same as with courses, you can find a good tutor by reading reviews. On our website you will be able to find a lot of experienced tutors, that will be happy to do a trial lesson with, and it is FREE! So, if the tutor is not suitable for you, you can try another one till you will find the right one.

  1. Learn it by yourself

Studying everything on your own is growing in popularity, because sometimes it may be quite expensive to buy courses. However, this method may not suit everybody, as it may become too hard and you may lose motivation.

how to learn deutsche

So, how to learn German quickly?

German language is simple and most of its principles are logical and easy to understand. How German is written, the same it sounds. It is easier for those who already know English, as it is in the same language family - Indo-European. The most important thing to remember – be patient and do not hurry up!

  1. Start with the basics

Be patient and try to spend as much as possible time on basics. Without a tutor, that will be able to spot mistakes, you may begin to learn German incorrectly. In order to avoid this, start from learning how to pronounce each letter. If you will not practise it, you will not be able to speak correctly. Learn how to pronounce vowels, depending on their place in the word. Additionally, do not forget about letters that are not in English alphabet - Ä Ö Ü ß.

  1. Vocabular

The next stage is Vocabular. Firstly, begin with the basic words like: “yes/ no / do not know”; “Please / Thanks”; “I /you / he / she / it” and numbers up to 100.

  1. Build up sentences

After learning some vocabular, take a look at the rules how to build simple sentences. It is not difficult and very similar to English. There are only few differences, but you will definitely handle it.  

  1. Learn new words

Buy a beautiful notebook and transform it into your personal dictionary. Write there every new word you would like to learn or that you have already learned. Go through your dictionary every day and revise the words. Additionally, you will definitely need paper based or electronic dictionary.

  1. Nouns

On this stage, you have to learn more nouns. It is important for you to consider how they inflect. Start from the things and people that surround you (e.g. places, coffee, table and so on)

  1. Verbs

In order to use learned nouns, you have to know verbs. The same as with nouns, begin from the basics, from the words that surround you: run, stand, fall, do, work, get, put, push.

  1. Adjectives

Without adjectives it is impossible to maintain a conversation. The same as nouns, they change according to situation. So, take in mind that you will have to learn different forms as well.

  1. Read books and watch movies in German

Start from books for kids. It will help you to expand your vocabular and to start work with simple sentences. Start watching movies, but don’t forget that they have to be with subtitles in your own language. When you will get more confident and more experienced, switch to more complicated books and movies.

  1. Start to write In German

Find a German penfriend in Facebook or other social media. If you don’t like to text with people, do something else, for example start writing a book. Why notJ

  1. Speak

Without speaking and practising speaking, you will not learn German. Practise it via Skype, speak with yourself, your cat or dog. It doesn’t matter to whom, the most important is for you to speak.

  1. JUST DO IT!

And just do it today, start straight away. As usually, people forget what they want to do, so just start it now! Good Luck! We believe in you and if you will need some help, you always can find the best tutor on

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