How to study French quickly?


How to study French quickly?
Foreign languages

Studying foreign languages ​​is an especially important element of the contemporary educational system. Consequently, the boundaries between countries gradually erode, and there is a need to learn languages ​​of other states. It can be important for business or for movement to a permanent place of residence.

French is the official language of one of the most economically developed countries of the European Union, France. Studying French will give you the opportunity to debug business issues without asking for translators’ help. You will be able to negotiate yourself and find out the necessary details by communicating in French. Learning French is as easy as mastering other foreign languages.

Studying French is especially important for students if they want to continue or start education in France or Canada.


French can be studied in several ways, depending on your desires and goals. It can include school lessons, lessons with a French tutor, attending specialized courses or immersion in the linguistic environment.

French school classes are held several times a week. At the same time, the attention of the teacher is distributed among several dozens of students. Studying French at school is not effective enough, since the teacher does not have sufficient time to pay attention to each pupil. Lessons with a French-speaking tutor can become an effective alternative. 

How to study French quickly?

When conducting private classes, the tutor can explain all the incomprehensible topics. The lesson can be carried out in a familiar atmosphere. Specialized French language courses can help you learn grammar and new words. Group lessons are smaller in comparison with school lessons.

Immersion in the linguistic environment is one of the most effective, but most expensive methods of studying French. A person can master a foreign language, by travelling to a French speaking country, so all the surroundings are in French.


There are several rules to follow in order to study French:

  1. When choosing a French textbook, it is worth paying attention to its semantic content. French for beginners can be studied via pre-schoolers and junior high school textbooks. French in school is better to study with the help of domestic books with translation. Professional terminology can be found in the books of foreign publications and dictionaries.
  2. French classes must be conducted in accordance with the schedule established in advance. The training should be divided into several lessons per week.  The lessons should not be too long. It is more effective to spend four lessons that last forty-five minutes or an hour.
  3. Reading is particularly important in the process of studying French. If the level of your language skills is insignificant, you can start with children's tales. In the process of advancing French, fairy tales can be replaced by the books with duplicate translation. Then reading of the books in the original will follow. It can be done as soon as language structure and sufficient vocabulary are formed.
    How to study French quickly?
  4. The availability of language practice is also important. Ideally, the best way to study French by communicating with native speakers. Since this is not always possible, use available public resources. They may include French songs, French movies with subtitles or duplicate translations. Audio books of French authors can also be useful. 
  5. You need to create several notebooks for specific purposes. One notebook can be intended for the writing of unknown words and phrases, while the other one can be your own grammar ‘Bible’. Using notebooks is important during classes and leisure time. In case you have some free time, you will have an opportunity to refresh your memory.
  6. It is important to take interest in language lessons, but in everyday life, it is advised to use it everyday. You can study French even when you walk around the city. Having heard the conversation of two strangers in the street, try to translate it. In the beginning, there may be difficulties in picking up words or phrases. Subsequently, this practice will help you learn how to choose the correct expressions and grammar.
  7. Hanging stickers on the furniture items with their names is useful as well.


Studying foreign language may not take much time. Upskills’ Tutors of French will be able to help you master it as soon as possible. In order to choose the appropriate teacher, you can use the filter system of the website. You will be able to pick up the right candidate that will become your personal tutor. Such filters may include the city of your residence or a certain area.

You have the opportunity to pick a tutor based on the price of one lesson and the level of his/her specialization. Pay particular attention on reviews left by the previous tutor’s students. They will help you to evaluate the quality of services provided by the tutor. Moreover, a great number of Internet resources to study French are at your disposal.

In combination with private lessons, you may get excellent results in the shortest possible time. Learn French easily with UpskillsTutor! 

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