What is the ideal English Teacher?


What is the ideal English Teacher?


  1. Where and with whom one can study English?
  2. What is the modern English teacher?
  3. How to find a tutor-native speaker?
  4. What is correct English lesson?
  5. Where one can find an English tutor?

Teaching English can be a difficult process. Professional teacher or tutor can help with it. One should pay close attention to the qualities of a tutor, his skills and ability to present information effectively. The choice of a good English tutor will help study language in the shortest time and learn all details and nuances.

Where and with whom one can study English?

Tutor can help study foreign language. You may use his services in order to:

• Teach English from the ground up and improve the existing knowledge;

• improve English speaking skills;

• «study» academic program for tests, exams and IEE;

• provide in-depth knowledge on certain topics. English language can be learnt with a tutor in different ways:

• at pupil’s home. It is convenient, since there is no need to spend time to get to the tutor;

• lessons at tutor’s home based on mutual consent of both;

• lessons at school. They are convenient if a tutor is a schoolteacher;

• online tutor conducts lessons through Skype. It is convenient, since the pupil may live in different city.  

It is necessary to know the basic features of the tutor in order to make the lessons effective.

What is the ideal English Teacher?

What is the modern English teacher?

Contemporary English teacher must have many features that positively affect the process of teaching.

  • a well-established program and familiarity with the educational process in schools and universities. This criterion ensures that a constant learning process with a student will not remind "jumping" from one theme to another without a clear system;

• the ability to analyze previous lessons and their results. It is done in order to help learn the language as a whole;

• Ability to make the child interested and awake the desire to study English. Thanks to a positive psychological climate, learning will be much more effective;

• demanding combined with the flexibility of conducting classes. This combination allows you to achieve results, because a constant free format of lessons will lead to a student's relaxation. When choosing a teacher it is important to pay attention to the information in the portfolio of English teachers:

• experience of work with children, students and adults. At the expense of experience, a method of teaching is formed, aimed at a specific goal, which the student wants to achieve (written tests of language, tests);

• Accommodation in English-speaking countries. It will lead no experience of a teacher, but his ability to develop a ‘language intuition” in students.

• blogs of English teachers in text and video formats. When you follow the blogs, you can understand what methodology the teacher uses and focuses on;

• ability to get student’s support. In case a tutor finds common language with the student, the lessons will be exciting and interesting.

How to find a tutor-native speaker

Lessons with a native speaker English tutor may be required in a few cases: learning for your own needs (sometimes for passing tests of language), moving to an English-speaking country for studying or speaking languages. For adults, the English speaker is more preferable and he is hired at work to help in moving to a foreign firm, moving up the career ladder, studying specific terminology in certain industries.

What is the ideal English Teacher?

Prior to studying English with a native speaker, it is worth paying attention to whether a tutor fits a student. It is important to understand a "pure" pronunciation; emphasis, predominant in language and find out whether the tutor is available to explain the unknown material and answer the question.

What is correct English lesson?

Additional English classes are conducted to enhance the student's progress and improve the knowledge of the subject in a child or an adult. Therefore, the main feature of the lesson is its effectiveness, the achievement of which is possible only if classes meet certain criteria:

• The English tutor should be able to explain the inexplicable topics with patience and correct mistakes. If necessary, he should be able to give simple examples that contribute to the understanding of the topic and formation of knowledge;

• After the lesson, the student must demonstrate a new level of knowledge and ability to explain it to other people;

• Availability of the lesson plan. Based on a prepared script of the lesson, it is important to have the ability to "pass" topic gradually, but with progress forward;

• The presence of a comfortable psychological climate, which can facilitate easier acquirement of knowledge in English.

During the first test session, the impression made by the English teacher on his student is the main indicator of effective lesson. If the lesson was held with a child, then this impression is shared with his parents. In case of the lesson with an adult, he may decide if the tutor fits him.  

The ability to explain the subject or new grammar rule, as well as respond to the student's questions is equally important. The teacher's punctuality is also significant.  

Where one can find an English tutor?

In order to study foreign language, it is important to choose an experienced teacher, who will be able to provide the necessary material in an accessible form. At the same time, "price-efficiency" is very important.

It is necessary o choose a tutor, who knows what the student needs and can explain the material effectively. The tutor is obliged to possess the subject. The website, containing a range of English tutors is UpSkillsTutor.com.ng. You can find many tutors with different experience and specialization from different regions of Nigeria.

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